Welcome to the
New Muzik Revolution!

A virtual, two man band, formed by Justice Born and Kenny James in the Winter of 2021.

Using music as their canvas to blend colors and styles from different genres, their motive is to challenge the mind and heighten the senses with what you hear.

Their singles are now available on all streaming platforms, along with music videos you can also find on YouTube and Facebook.

The Muzik

A combination of Rap, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Alternative, Blues, and Folk.....to name a few. Rhythm Uphoria bends and blurs the lines of conventional wisdom in music. 

Their approach may not be unique, as far as what other artists have tried to do, but the method to their craft is simple. They keep it honest, melodic, and different from the current trends.

Their subject matter are concepts about the human experience that stray from the division of one sided politics and religious dogma.

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